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Autonomous Farms

Autonomous Farms

Our Autonomous Farms solution built on Platform is the most modern, and the very first commercial Autonomous Farm Solution ever built. The platform powered by Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning makes a farm autonomously carry out the routine tasks of Irrigation,Fertigation, Pest & Disease Management for any crop precisely as per the need on the ground. Crops across the globe communicate between each other real-time, without revealing their identities to learn best practices, and improve their own productivity. Farmers get real-time status from every inch of their farms, and can intervene if they wish to, for reasons beyond the knowledge of the platform. Such interventions also are used by to learn new patterns for the future. “Virtual Control Room” – A feature that lays out a farm and all crops inside a farm on a real-time Map, and provides all vital information is a major boon in the field of Agriculture.

Farmagain Organic

Farmagain Organic

A proprietary Standard by Farmagain that goes beyond just certifying a land for its suitability of Organic Cultivation. This is an innovative model that measures the level of compliance of Organic Cultivation during the life of a crop based on the inputs used in the farms autonomously and transparentlydiscloses the same to the world. Further, level of Organic Cultivation is measured between 1 thru 5; first, to educate a consumer about what he buys, and to make it a lucrative model for farmer to earn differentially based on how well he carries out Organic Methods. All these, without any human intervention…

We have compiled an irresistible Body of Knowledge in Organic Methodologies, and have built a team of Agronomists specialised in Organic Cultivation Techniques. As a Social Cause, both of these are extended to farmers free of cost, as long as the farmers commit to Organic Cultivation, irrespective of whether they sell their produces through us or otherwise.



Being part of Farmagain Ecosystem, an end consumer can trace right from the source of a farm input such as manure, fertiliser, pesticide, to the exact application of them in the farm date wise, quantity wise for each crop; and thats not all… he can see the farm and the actual area used for the crop geofenced on a live map. You may scan this QR code to visualise how it works. 

The entire traceability is being established on blockchain to ensure authenticity of data. Anyone from Govt, Bank, Insurance, Buyer, Supplier of Consumer community can get authentic information at micro level, which was never thought possible so far. Right from fresh produces to processed food, there are innovative tracing mechanisms which in some cases even stream live videos!

Farmagain Ecosystem

Farmagain Ecosystem

Farmagain Ecosystem has brought an altogether new and sophisticated method of communication between various stakeholders of Agri Value Chain. And Yes! Autonomous Communication. The suppliers and service providers know in advance exactly what need to be done, how much, where and when, almost 6-9 months in advance.

Buyers know what’s going to be harvested almost 3 months in advance. Even end consumers can find out when and where their favourite seasonal vegetable or fruit is going to be available. Governments, NGOs, Banks, Insurance companies – all can utilise the rich information enabled by the Autonomous Farms platform for their decision making process.

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