Farmagain was founded in 2013 by senior IT professionals with an objective of building an agriculture-based ecosystem, where everyone from the producer to the end-consumer would see certain benefit in their own way.

Founders of Farmagain visited length and breadth of India to understand farming methods, post harvest handling techniques, sales cycle, supply chain, retailing, quality and cash flow.

On January 01, 2014 Farmagain began its maiden farming trial in about 30 acres. The pilot was largely successful both in terms of the revenue and the lessons learned.

Since then Farmagain has visited number of farmers groups across Tamilnadu trying to get them into certain good agricultural practices, including harvest and post harvest handling based on the lessons learned in its own maiden project.

While the journey hadn’t been easy or quick, as the company would have liked it to be, however, there is a slow and steady realization among the farmers on the changes they have to bring in to their agricultural methods in order for them to be successful or even be relevant in the near future.

With several Farmers Producers Organizations across Tamilnadu tied up with Farmagain, the journey progresses towards its next logical level, which is ‚ establishing of our very own farming practices called “Void Pesticide” and “Direct Procurement & Direct Sale”.

Farmagain has also worked out a pricing model based on its studies so far and in consultation with farmers.

With Direct Procurement & Direct Sale strategy and a Unique Pricing Model, Farmagain created Farmagain Ecosystem.