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Creating Awareness on Organic Farming through TV Media

Farmagain has started to engage with TV media to reach out to the farmers at large to create awareness about Organic Farming in Modern methods under the title “Naveena Muraiyil Nanjillatha Vivasayam”, which means “Safe Agriculture in Modern Methods”

Introduction – 16th January 2017


First Episode – 6th February 2017

Second Episode – 6th February 2017

Third Episode – 6th February 2017

Fourth Episode – 6th February 2017

Fifth Episode – 6th February 2017

Farmagain’s SOP on farming yields results

Farmagain has been working with farmers and farmer producer companies almost for the last two years. The SOP developed along the way has reasonably matured. Farmagain’s Void Pesticide, SOP is now able to achieve excellent yields in addition to ensuring pesticide free cultivation, which guarantees safe to consume food cultivated at the farm. Pesticide free vegetables have now been made a reality.