Our existence began with a very strong farmer engagement. It was our search for good agriculture practices that connected us to farmers across several regions within India, and our finding was that most of them follow agriculture practices that they inherited from their ancestors and they haven’t kept themselves updated with the latest technical developments in agriculture though they use the latest hybrid seeds and the latest fertilisers. But they didn’t quite know the nuances around using the latest seeds and fertilisers in the most efficient way to ensure predictable yield.

A doctor undergoes an MBBS course, an engineer pursues at least a BE degree, but do we know of any farmer actually studying agriculture? The shortest answer to this million dollar question is sadly, a big NO. Then who really studies agriculture courses? Its the potential agriculture consultants who study the subject not the practitioners. Doesn’t it trigger an alarm? Sure it does. Don’t practitioners need knowledge of new and advanced technologies from across the world? Of course they need.

Therefore, clearly, there is a serious gap. Here is where we wanted to pitch in, in order to spread the awareness of the latest and the greatest technologies and methodologies suitable to our conditions, and to bring them on board with good agriculture practices.

We are now connected with hundreds of farmers through several Farmers Producers Organisations, and we are looking forward to connecting more and more farmers to our ecosystem to ensure better and predictable yield and to make each farm truly a factory of sorts.