We don’t believe in too many handshakes in carrying out a single business transaction. Especially in the field of Agriculture multiple handshakes create adverse impact on the overall business.

We directly source from farms and directly supply to retails, and in some cases to large private wholesalers, and exporters. This helps retailers maintain a predictable pricing; they are able to minimise dumping of vegetables to a large extend; they have better price realisation due to the fact that the supplies are really fresh.

Some of the issues we studied are as follows,

Wastage – Usually harvested vegetables are packed in gunny bags and loaded onto a truck and taken to the nearest market and unloaded. Again loaded into trucks and unloaded several times depending on the destination. In this process a whole lot of damage to the vegetables takes place. This wastage can be eliminated simply by avoiding multiple transit points.

Grading – Grading at source in plastic crates also ensures least amount of wastage and better valuation for the produces. It also helps transporting directly from the farms to retails at ease.

Multiple transits mean multiple middlemen each having to add their pie into the price; at the end retail price and original source price have no real comparison