Organic certification – as everyone knows in today’s known practice is a process of getting a farmland certified to be fit. We at Farmagain wanted to look at the term organic radically different from its known understanding of the day.

  • How about measuring the quality of the produce for its organic characteristics?
  • How would it be, if there was a provision to keep the certification live – that is, at any moment, the level of compliance to the standards kept updated and published to the public?
  • How would it be, if there was more emphasis on sustainable agriculture?
  • How about enforcing farm-to-fork traceability as part of the standard?
  • How about using technology to let the consumer know exactly from where his/her purchase was harvested? Publish the level of compliance to the standards to him/her. In fact, make it a consumer’s right to know it all?

Thats exactly what we’ve done. Yes – we created farmagain organic. Its a standard that has five maturity levels. High level criteria of each level are as below,

  • Level 1
    • Farm is equipped to follow farmagain organic standards, and the same is verifiable
    • Farm is equipped with the appropriate irrigation methods suitable for the crops grown
    • Produces from the farm qualifies to be “chemical residues free” as per EU standards based on test results obtained from accredited labs
    • Use 95% or more of inputs made from material available in the farm or from bio fertilisers and bio pest/disease control agents, and up to 5% fertilisers and micro nutrients used by the Farm are water soluble
  • Level 2
    • Inputs made from the farms have been increased to75% and upto 25% may be from the bio sources
    • No usage of water soluble fertilisers
    • Basic water harvest mechanisms in place
    • Usage of mechanical preventive pest control methods made adequate
  • Level 3
    • Inputs made from the farms have been increased to 90% and upto 10% may be from the bio sources
    • Elaborate water harvest methods in place
  • Level 4
    • Inputs made from the farms have been increased to 100%, that means, no farm input is purchased, all of them are made in the farm itself
    • Basic farm automation in place. Farmagain’s “Farm Intelligence System” is able to collect real time data on weather, soil moisture soil/water EC & PH, and use the data for analytics and predictions
  • Level 5
    • Usage of cameras for diagnostics and alerts based on artificial intelligence in place
    • Complete automation in place. Farmagain’s “Farm Intelligence System” is able to control all the farm equipment through IoT (Internet of Things), based on the data received from various sensors installed in the farms

Farmagain’s “Farm Intelligence System” is equipped to certify each farm at any one of the five levels once a quarter automatically depending on the level of compliance with no human intervention. That means, a farm doesn’t qualify to stay at a higher level unless it practices the requirements of that level continuously.

A fine blend of tradition and technology makes farmagain organic the most futuristic standard available in today’s world, which is backed heavily by technology.