It seems easier to work through Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) than working directly with unorganised farmer groups.

The Company is in talks with several FPOs across the state to evaluate the feasibility of bringing farmers of their region into pesticide free methods.

As the first concrete step towards long term association with FPOs, Farmagain has signed pact with ‘Tirupur Farmers Producers Company Ltd’ for technical assistance to farmers in their control and for buy back arrangements. The Managing Director of Farmagain and the Managing Director of Tirupur Farmers Producers Company Ltd signed on the agreement in the presence of the members of the FPO after their consensus on the contents of the pact.

The extend of landholding of the members of Tirupur Farmers Producers Company Ltd is estimated to be approximately 5,000 acres of vegetable cultivation land and about 12,000 acres of coconut farms.