Harvest the Unharvested! – Is our Slogan.

What does it mean? All our interactions with farmers have revealed an important story. The yield they enjoy is far less the actual potential of the seed they use. A simple comparison with similar crops across the nation, or with other countries reveal an unimaginably high variation. Therefore, we decided to target higher yield as our primary goal. Yes, there is so much that is unharvested during every crop cycle. We are determined to Harvest the Unharvested!

Just truly going behind this slogan can make agriculture more lucrative to farmers whose livelihood depends on farming, and to youngsters who are hesitating to take up agriculture as their primary professions due to uncertainty and assumed low income. Agriculture is a profession that is truly fulfilling, in addition to its immense potential to give very high and quick returns if done the right way.

Yes! We’ve gone an extra mile in creating our very own trademarked crop cultivation standards called, “farmagain organic” that we hope will help us “Harvest the Unharvested!“.