More than 50% of vegetables are wasted right from the farm to the retail due to utter lack of any post harvest practices by our farmers. We wanted to change this scenario. After studying the global trends on post harvest practices we understood that a set of simple rules give the ultimate solution.

Grading at source – It is the lack of grading that result in the largest percentage of wastage. Good and bad harvests are mixed together, which ultimately results in larger damages. We teach the farmers good grading practices which not only help them minimise wastage, it also helps them get better revenue due to better marketability of graded vegetables.

Packing – Packing in gunny bags are the primary cause of damages to vegetables. We pack the vegetables at source in plastic crates, that completely eliminates damages

Transportation – Gunny bags overloading in trucks is the other major cause of damages of vegetables. Bags that lay at the bottom of the vehicle take the biggest brunt