Country Vegetables

Our aim is to produce Void Pesticide vegetables for the consumers’ well being. Our consistent effort with several farmers companies have started yielding results in the recent past. We are now in the process of producing non toxic vegetables and we supply the same to wholesalers and retails directly. In all we are dealing with about 45+ varieties, and are planning to increase the range even further.

Vegetable consumption of an average Indian is far less than the world average. Even today, in remote villages the availability of vegetables is extremely low. Eventually as we expand, our aim is to make these available in the nook and corner of the country at affordable prices.

India is known for a large varieties of native vegetables and we are producing all of them through our farmers associates. These vegetables are known for their health benefits, natural medicinal values and most of them are must have for Indian type of cooking.

Since we adopt Void Pesticide growing methods, our certified vegetables are very safe to consume with confidence in order to gain the maximum health benefit each vegetable naturally offers.

Vegetables like tomato, potato, onion, brinjal, ladies finger, varieties of beans and many more leafy articles play a major role in local cooking. We produce these and a lot more with absolute care and take to the market.

Hilltop Vegetables

In addition to the country vegetables, there are several varieties of vegetables grown in hilly area which find a significant place in our range. Vegetables like carrot, potato, beans, cabbages, cauliflower and many more are produced in hilly areas.

Exotics such as broccoli, different types of lettuce, celery, colourful capsicum, and much more are also grown mostly in hilly areas.

Our strategy is to take any harvested vegetable to the retail the very next morning in order to maintain their natural freshness. Our at source grading standards help minimise wastage, if not totally eliminate, help both farmers realise better revenue and our customers reduce dump considerably